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MAN MAN – Theyire gruff and enigmatic; they superimpose glum beauty over blacksmith-shop clangor; theyire crazy, but they learned how to play their instruments before they got that way, so technique and abandon gel; they wear facial hair of ineffable significance; they like to bang on sh*t and accentuate the atavistic qualities of various exotic genres; their music’s too personal for us to comfortably perceive as anything except high-concept shtick.
Man Man’s full-bodied, freewheeling waltzes reside somewhere between Broadway musicals and vintage 45s. Singer Honus Honus’s growl recalls Tom Waits or Nick Cave, as he attacks his keyboard like a frenzied concert pianist, while the rest of Man Man wields pots and pans, whistles and chimes, synthesizers and xylophones, and triumphant flutes and trumpets. All manner of unusual instruments, discordant cacophony, outlandish shrieking that would make the Boredoms sit up and take notice, and please-quiet-the-voices-in-my-head psychotic freak-outs find their place in Man Man’s alternate universe musical reality.

Just back from dates landing them on the Pitchfork Music Festival and Village Voice’s Siren Festival, Man Man’s interesting cast of characters, featuring members of Philadelphiais Coyote and including Need New Body / Icy Demons’ Chris Powell on the drum-kit, are proving they have grown into one of musicis standout gems, wrangling out something entirely different: peculiarly brilliant, acrobatic, unsettling, romantic, unpretentiously ordered; all through the smoldering wreckage of waltzes, accordion-fueled gypsy folk, and shuddering shanties.
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By pulling from a multitude of musical influences, Coyote creates a sometimes haunting, sometimes sonic sound that allows the listener to feel joy from pain. With lyrics that often portray unnerving situations, Coyote immediately grabs your attention. The piano driven melodies invite the audience inside their frenzied spirit.
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Mostly instrumental, The Stay Lows embrace the concept of images through sound, blending elements of math-rock and symphonic song structures. Their result is often compared to a film score for a movie that is yet to be created.
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September 21st : Genghis Tron, Wrath of the Weak
September 24th : Extra Golden
September 26th : Pony Pants

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